My parents, Gregory's owners Norman Silver and Alicia Sherman.

My parents, Gregory's owners Norman Silver and Alicia Sherman.

Sabrina Silver

My folks owned Gregory's, a pocket-sized jazz club on 63rd St. and 1st Ave. in New York City, from 1972 to 1988.  My mother, Alicia Sherman, performed there regularly, as did some of the jazz greats of the era (for a retro experience, see this article from 1984).  As such, I grew up steeped in the tradition, and particularly in that of sultry torch singers like my mom (I even get a shout-out in this review).  

I began singing professionally while a student at Yale University, producing three studio albums and performing throughout Europe, Asia and North America with singing groups Something Extra and Whim 'n Rhythm.

Since relocating to New York, I have studied with renowned vocalists Marion Cowings and Jay Clayton and recently produced my first jazz EP, Freshman, which pays homage to my heritage, with tunes frequently performed at Gregory's, including the opener, Hello Suckers, composed by Gregory's regular, Hod O'Brien.  The tracks represent, at the core, an endeavor in honest respect for lyrics, which I hold most dear as a musical storyteller.

When not performing or sitting in at my favorite NYC haunts, I am a full-time high school Academic Dean in the Achievement First network of charter schools. I am appreciative of the communities into which I've been welcomed in both my careers, so feel free to pick my brain about standards and show tunes, the NYC jazz scene in the eighties or urban education reform anytime.